LEED Dynamic Plaque: What is your building’s Performance Score?

Tema Principal:

Measuring the results of sustainability efforts


The platform provides performance feedback in the form of an up-to-date LEED performance score. The web enabled interface displays a score based on the globally recognized LEED certification levels, e.g. 60+ points is Gold. A score is generated as often as new data is entered. A LEED certification is awarded every 12 months.

Resumo da Sessão:

The LEED Dynamic Plaque makes the invisible actionable by providing a simple building performance context for operational data. The score provides a means for interaction with the building on multiple levels: visitors can “see” performance; occupants can provide feedback on their experience, and owners/building managers can view trends and gather data to inform decision-making. It is an accessible indicator of performance to everyone in buildings and provides a means to stack performance against others. Creating a competitive environment drives change, and seeing a score creates the awareness that one’s activities are affecting the building’s performance level.

A LEED Performance Score is based on the measured performance of the built environment in five categories: energy efficiency, water efficiency, waste diversion, transportation impact, and human experience. The panel will discuss the program goals, market transformation potential and real world successes, and challenges to engage with the platform in your LEED certified building.

 Objetivos de Aprendizagem:

  1. Describe the vision and goals for the LEED Dynamic Plaque; a performance based ongoing certification platform
  2. Recognize that strategies implemented during design, construction and operations result in measured outcomes
  3. Identify the requirements for your LEED certified building to update LEED certification
  4. Summarize requirements for your building to pursue LEED certification using the performance score


nicoletteNicolette Mueller, U.S. Green Building Council


Megan-SparksMegan Sparks, U.S. Green Building Council