Introduction: This seminar aims to show to civil construction professionals how wood can be an excellent building material, despite the fact of being versatile and have many applications, it promotes a sustainable exploitation of our forests promoting its conservation.

Both B01 and C01 sessions are connected to each other and intend to present how the exploitation of the forest can and should be done in a sustainable manner; who are the stakeholders in this process and how an active organization within the forest can promote its preservation internationally and earn LEED credits for projects worldwide, through REDD+ methodology. The application of wood in architecture is essential to promote such sustainable exploitation and to educate architects and engineers about the whole process is just the beginning of the market development.

B01 – Wood Applications in Architecture and Design

16h – 16h15: Daniel Berneck, Berneck S/A Painéis e Serrados

16h15 – 16h30: Hélio Olga de Souza Jr, Ita Construtora Ltda.

16h30 – 16h45: Paula Sertório, PAX.ARQ; Victor Paixão,  PAX.ARQ.

16h45 – 17h: Perguntas e Respostas

C01 – Where does the wood come from? Sustainable Management, Forest Conservation and  Carbon Emissions Reduction.

17h30 – 17h45: Jeanicolau Simone de Lacerda, Precious Woods.

17h45 – 18h00: Rui Pedro de Almeida Ribeiro, Agrocortex.

18h00 – 18h15: FAS (Fundação Amazona Sustentável).

18h15 – 18h30: Sean Fish, USGBC.

18h30 – 19h00: Debate