The Greenbuilding International Conference and Expo strives to be a more sustainable event every year!
Here are some of the results obtained in 2016:


Type of waste generated Greenbuilding Brazil 2016

Paper   Cardboard   Plastic   Metal   Glass   Wood   Rejects

Waste Generated (Kg)

CO2 Emissions (tCO2e)

Water consumption (m3)

Electric Consumption (KWh)

Waste Generation (Kg)

Selective Collection  Rejects (litter)   Total

Download the complete sustainability report CLICK HERE.

Download GEE Inventory CLICK HERE.

The report details the sustainability programs implemented for the 2016 event, with a review of all goals and best practices for the next editions. The studies provide detailed insights into sustainable strategies and initiatives, including stakeholder engagement and education, water and energy consumption, and waste collection.