The SPACE CONCEPT HOME will demonstrate sustainable concepts presented on the Referencial GBC Brasil Casa® certification (exclusive for residential buildings) and LEED® Certification (for commercial buildings), which can be applied on several building typologies, including the residential and commercial sector.

The goal of creating this conceptual space, which can be applied to both certifications, is to demonstrate the insertion of concepts of sustainability in a specific area within Greenbuilding Brasil Expo, with the objective of showcase, educate and incentive professionals using a holistic and intuitive approach.


To develop the concepts being shown through sustainable materials and services, we count on the partnership of a consulting service specialized on sustainable certification and companies that supply sustainable materials and services.

The exhibit will focus on concepts from the Referencial Casa® Certification, due to space limitation, but not limiting itself to its only application, being possible to be explored on the LEED® Certification as well.

Besides sustainable materials, it will be possible to see techniques, concepts, services and technologies related to the following categories, approached by the certification: Site Selection, Water Use, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality, Social Requisite, Innovation in Design, Regional Priority Credits.

The certification Referencial GBC Brasil Casa is present in more than 8 Brazilian states and grows fast with the dissemination and assimilation of sustainable concepts, within 33 registered projects and 3 certified. The creation of this space is a way to celebrate and incentive its use and application throughout the country.

Check out the project here and participate with services, knowledge and products.

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For more information, please contact:

Nathalia Siqueira
(11) 99177-8554