Selection of Lectures

The Educational Sessions are simultaneous lectures presented during the 3 days of the event, with varied content on the sustainable construction market, providing participants with innovative, up-to-date and specific knowledge.

The sessions presented at Greenbuilding Brazil are democratically selected by qualified professionals in the sector, which makes the process free from conflicts, with varied content, updated and of high technical-scientific standard.

The platforms used to select educational sessions are called “Call for Proposals” and “Call for Reviewers” and are used by Greenbuild (USGBC), the largest sustainable construction event in the world.

Professionals from the interested area can submit proposals for presentations (Call for Proposals) and / or register to participate in the process of evaluation and review of the proposals received (Call for Reviewers), during a determined period.

All the proposals received undergo a rigid selection process consisting of two stages that will result in the final grading of lectures presented at the Greenbuilding Brazil conference.

The first review stage is conducted online, where the reviewers evaluate 6 predetermined criteria totaling in 20 points and a weighted average resulting from the evaluations is defined. Proposals that score above this average will go to the 2nd Review phase.

In the second review phase, the industry’s top experts are invited to participate in a face-to-face meeting called Retreat. At this meeting, all participants qualitatively discuss each proposal approved in Phase 1 and vote democratically in those that should be part of the final grid of the event. Also defined in this meeting are the sessions that will be on the waiting list (if there are withdrawals until the day of the event), special sessions invited and the themes to be presented in each of the rooms of the event.