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Many participants of our events are from other cities and enjoy the gastronomic and cultural life of São Paulo during their stay. Take advantage of the event to do some networking with leaders from the whole country, and after a day full of news and novelties, have a happy hour with your new colleagues!

30 must-see programs in São Paulo

São Paulo

São Paulo is a savvy, cutting-edge city, which generates trends, styles and customs that are then spread to the entire country. Capital of business, culture, cuisine and entertainment in Latin America, it is a global city, formed by people from more than 70 different nationalities.

Due to all this grandeur and diversity, there are countless possible programs to do in the city, all with guaranteed fun. But some of them are really not to be missed. We have separated 30 programs for you not to be left out of the best of São Paulo. Check out our suggestions:

1         Eat baloney sandwich and cod pastry (pastel) in the Municipal market;
2         Check out the Gregorian Chants at the St. Benedict Monastery;
3         Attend a concert in the Sala São Paulo or the Municipal Theatre;
4         Enjoy the view from the top of the Banespa Tower;
5         Watch the assembly of a Broadway musical in one of the concert houses;
6         Go on a shopping spree in the Street 25 de Março and the districts of Bras and Bom Retiro;
7         Have dinner at Terraço Itália, enjoying the 360° view of São Paulo;
8         Visit one of the great museums in the city, such as Masp and Museu do Ipiranga;
9         Enjoy the bars in Vila Madalena and the clubs in Vila Olímpia;
10         Visit the Ibirapuera Park and its attractions;
11         Finish the night out in one of the several 24/7 bakeries in town;
12         Walk at night in the Paulista Avenue;
13         Visit the interesting Portuguese Language Museum and the incredible Pinacoteca art gallery, both in Luz;
14         Meet hundreds of animal species in the Zoo and walk up to the Botanic Garden;
15         Check the menu of one of the restaurants at Bixiga;
16         Visit the route of major international brands on Rua Oscar Freire and Shopping Iguatemi;
17         Have some tea at the Skye restaurant, at Hotel Skye;
18         Watch a race at the Jockey Club;
19         Go up to the Jaraguá peak;
20         Spend a day relaxing in one of the city’s several spas, in a hot tub bath and enjoying a relaxing massage;
21         Visit the fairs at Liberdade and Praça Benedito Calixto;
22         Visit one of the 6000 Pizzerias in the city;
23         Watch a race at Interlagos;
24         Watch a soccer game at Pacaembu Stadium;
25         Stroll around some of the mega bookstores in São Paulo, such as Cultura, the Conjunto Nacional, as well as Fnac, at Paulista Avenue;
26         Visit one of the hundreds of exhibitions in the city;
27         Have a coffee in one of the international coffee shops such as Havana or Starbucks;
28         Walk through the Historical Centre, passing by the Pateo do Collegio, Largo São Francisco, Marco Zero and Catedral da Sé;
29         Visit a big fair in one of the Convention Centers in São Paulo, such as the Parque Anhembi;
30         Take part in the rehearsal of one of the Samba Schools.