Greenbuilding BraZil 2017
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8h Registration and Accreditation
9h30 – 11h30 Opening Plenary
ROOM 1 – International ROOM 2 ROOM 3 ROOM 4
14h30 – 15h30 A01: Coming Soon A02: WORKPLACE: High Performing and Sustainable Offices. Speakers: Sérgio Athié, Athié Wohnrath. A03: We Are All Imigrants Project. Sustainable residential community of 32 560ft² houses and community center. Speakers: David Ito, David Ito Arquitetura. A04: Municipal Certification System for Sustainable Construction: Fortaleza’s Green Factor Certification Case Study. Speakers: Marcio Rios, GBFOR – Green Building for Cities; João Bosco Dantas Filho, IFCE?GBFOR/GERCON – UFC; Maria Águeda Muniz e Maria Edilene Oliveira, Secretaria Municipal de Urbanismo e Meio Ambiente.
16h – 17h B01: Biophilia In Action: Latest Case Studies. Palestrantes: Amanda Sturgeon, International Living Future Institute.

B02: FSJ Rio de Janeiro – An efficient, healthy and inoovative school. This session will present techniques and solutions that allows us to use the building as a teaching tool. Speaker: Rosana Correa, Casa do Futuro. B03: Sustainable neighborhoods: Catalysts of changes in the construction industry. Speakers: Rodrigo Salvati, UCS – University of Caxias do Sul; Greice Portal, UCS – University of Caxias do Sul. B04: Applied Future – How to overcome How to overcome the limits of what is possible in construction? IOT, Nanotechnology, GIG Economy, RV, AI, wearables, BIPV, Drones and beyond. Speaker: Anderson Benite, Benite Engenharia e Consultoria.
17h30 – 18h30 C01: Transparency: The Role of Environmental Product Declarations. Speaker: Josh Jacobs, UL.

C02: Coming Soon C03: Coming Soon C04: Application of GBC Brazil’s Referencial Casa in Curitiba: Condos and Container House. Speaker: Matheus Forte, FORTE Sustentabilidade.
18h30 – 20h Expo visitation

7h – 9h Women in Green Breakfast
ROOM 1 – International ROOM 2 ROOM 3 ROOM 4
9h30 – 11h30 D01: WELL and LEED: alignment for advanced sustainability. Speakers: Anja Mikik, International WELL Building Institute; Sara Welton, International WELL Building Institute; Megan Sparks, GBCI; Eduardo Straub, Straubjunqueira.

D02: Environmental quota and the challenges of the green presence in the city. Speakers: Myriam Tschiptschin, CTE Centro de Tecnologia de Edificações; Adriana Levisky, Levisky Arquitetos.

D03: DEO Program: Development and Use of Energy Benchmarks in Public Buildings. Speakers: Alexandre Schinazi, CBCS; Rosane Fukuoka, CBCS; Carolina Mendes, CBCS.

D04: Paths to Large Wood Buildings: sustainability, architectural potential, technology and business opportunity. Speakers: Calil Neto, Rewood; Ricardo Russo, WWF; Ivo Mareines, Mareines+Patalano arquitetura; Sandro Marostica, WWF.

16h – 17h E01: LEED v4: Climate, Health and Performance. Speakers: Corey Enck, U.S. Green Building Council; Gautami Palanki,U.S. Green Building Council.

E02: Coming Soon E03: Cold surfaces technologies for the Brazilian market and the need for standardization. Speakers: Moisés Freitas, Dow Quimica do Brasil; André Oliveira, Arkema Coating Resins; José Sauro Neto, ETERNIT S/A; Fabiana Dias, Saint-Gobain do Brasil – Div. Brasilit. E04: Financing Solutions for Energy Efficiency Projects and Sustainable Constructions. Speakers: Roberto Oranje, Banco Santander; Mário Sérgio F. de Vasconcelos, Federação Brasileira de Bancos – FEBRABAN.
16h – 17h F01: The Human Connection: Materials, Health, and Performance. Speakers: Corey Enck, U.S. Green Building Council; Megan Sparks, GBCI.

F02: Challenges of being a pioneer in a promissing and little explored market! GBC Brazil’s Referencial Casa Pilot. Speakers: Rodrigo Basso, Montage. F03: LEED V4: New Material Requirements and the Votorantim Cimentos Case. Speaker: Adriana Hansen, CTE Centro de Tecnologia de Edificações; Fabio Cirilo, Votorantim Cimentos. F04: Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE): a certificação de eficiência accessível no mercado brasileiro e estudos de sua equivalência com PBE Edifica. Speakers: Maxine Jordan, Mitsidi Projetos.
17h30 – 18h30 G01: Creating a Pathway to Zero Carbon Communities. Speakers: Lisa Westerhoff, Integral Group LLC; Dave Ramslie, Integral Group LLC; Rachel Moscovich, Integral Group LLC.

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G02: The benefits of LEED CI certification in office operation. Speakers: Zunara Carvalho, Ernst Young Brasil; Luis Leal,CTE Centro de Tecnologia de Edificações. G03: The re(invention) of the brise-soleil: Introducing shading devices on truly sustainable buildings. Speaker: Marcelo Nudel, Ca2 Consultores Ambientais. G04: Coming Soon
18h30 – 20h Expo visitation

ROOM 1 – International ROOM 2 ROOM 3 ROOM 4
9h30 – 10h30 H01: Coming Soon H02: LEED Platinum Coca-Cola: The LEED Success Case within the New Facilities of Andina Coca-Cola in Rio de Janeiro. Speakers: Fausto Padrão, Coca-Cola Andina Brasil; Guido Petinelli, Petinelli Inc. H03: Coming Soon H04: Cases – Aneel’s energy efficiency program. Speaker: Ricardo Wojitani, Eletron Energia; João Dias, Funpar – Fundação da Universidade Federal do Paraná; Andre Pedretti, Copel Dis.
11h – 12h I01: Coming Soon I02: Potentials for Zero Energy and Zero Carbon Buildings in Brazil. Speakers: Isabela Issa, Mitsidi Projetos; Edward Borgstein, Mitsidi. I03: Coming Soon I04: Office Building Green Value? Empirical Evidence from Sao Paulo. Speaker: Odilon Costa, Fundação Getulio Vargas – EAESP
14h30 – 15h30 J01: BOSSA goes to Brazil – improving workers’ satisfaction, health and productivity through evidence-based workspace design. Speaker: Christhina Candido, School of Architecture, Design and Planning – The University of Sydney / Building Occupant Survey System Australia.

J02: Health, Wellbeing and Productivity Incentives Through Thermal comfort in Offices. Speakers: Maíra de Macedo, Green Building Council Brazil; Eleonora Zioni, Asclépio Consultoria; José Eduardo Modica, Petrobras AS. J03: Sicredi: LEED’s first O&M Platinum in Brazil. Speaker: Gabriele Rosa, OTEC; Enio Soares, OTEC; David Duoek, OTEC; Luiz Santos Vieira, Sicredi. J04: Differential of Use and Operation in Sustainable Commercial Buildings. Speakers: Wagner Oliveira, CTE Centro de Tecnologia de Edificações; Bruno Scalet, CTE Centro de Tecnologia de Edificações.
16h – 17h K01: Achieve Daylighting, Energy Efficiency, Electricity Generation and LEED Certification with Two Advanced Glass Technologies: 1. Self-tinting Dynamic Thermochromic Glass and 2. Building Integrated Photovoltaic Glass. Speakers: Reinaldo Chohfi, GeoDesign Internacional.

K02: Floripa EkoHouse – A GBC Brazil’s Referencial Casa Case. Is Platinum possible? Speakers: Antonio Macedo Filho, EcoBuilding; Fernanda Dutra, Proprietária; Larissa Murakami, Ecobuilding. K03: Wakening to agribusiness: See how three credit unions seeked LEED Platina in the interior of Paraná. Speakers: Rafael Sabetzki, Petinelli Inc; Alex Haas, Petinelli Inc. K04: RECs – Renewable Energy Certificates. Speakers: Sandro Yamamoto, ABEEólica; Fernando Lopes, Instituto Totum; Leonardo Sant’Anna, ABRAGEL; Rodrigo Lopes Sauaia, ABSOLAR.
17h30 – 18h30 G01: Coming Soon G02: Coming Soon G03: Coming Soon G04: Coming Soon
18h30 – 20h Visitação da Feira